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Shark Tooth Creations

DIG AT HOME: Beach/ River in Sand Kit

DIG AT HOME: Beach/ River in Sand Kit

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Our DIG AT HOME Shark Tooth Sand Kit is a fun way to find Shark's Teeth at Home! These kits include everything you need to have a fun SIFTING experience in your kitchen or in the backyard! 

Each 1 Gallon DIG AT HOME Bag will include:

  • 35+ Assorted Sharks Teeth (Typically Lemons, Bulls & Sand Tigers)
  • 8-10 Pieces of partial Megalodon teeth ( "Frags")
  • A 1/4 Cup Scoop 
  • A Round Plastic Sifter 
  • A Tin Tray (to help contain the sand when you sift)! 
  • A Shark Tooth Creations - Fossil ID Card 

We recommend you lightly shake your DIG AT HOME bag before using the scoop to take out material to Sift! This light shaking will spread out the fossils in the sand and help to extend the DIG AT HOME Experience! There will be lots of extra Sand in your kits (about 3 lbs) to make the fun last! 

The photos of this product are examples of the types of teeth you will receive and not the exact teeth. Most teeth in the kits will likely be bull shark, lemon shark and sand tiger shark teeth as those are most commonly found. The color of the plastic sifter will vary based on availability. Your tin tray may arrive slightly bent from shipping but that will not impact its use. 

All teeth in your kit were collected from various sites in the Southeast United States including the Beach & Rivers of Florida as well as North Carolina. All Fossils are either personally collected for from friends and partners in the fossil community! 

The sand in your kit will be play sand that looks and feels like beach sand but was NOT taken from any beach or public lands. ( We buy the sand ourselves to add to the kit, as taking sand from the beaches is not legal). 

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