Meet Jeff Lefebvre the founder of Shark Tooth Creations! I started Shark Tooth Creations to share my passion for Shark Tooth Hunting with others! 



A life long New Englander; I, Wife Danielle and Daughter Evelyn made the life changing move to the Gulf Coast of Florida in 2021.  With an existing passion for the ocean and beach life, the move to year round sunshine just made sense for our Family! 


Shortly after moving to Florida, I got scuba certified to further enjoy my passion for Shark Tooth Hunting! I try to get out there and scuba dive for Shark Tooth Treasure at least a few times a month in Venice, FL.

Living near the Shark Tooth Capital of the world is so much fun when you are a Shark Tooth Enthusiast. 

Thank you for following on this journey with me and Shark Tooth Creations. 


If you are looking for additional Information about Shark Tooth Hunting in the Venice, Florida Area, I recommend you check out this Informational Website: